1274510947 questions http://www.healeddna.com/healed Weekly Questions en Healed DNA Copyright 2008 2008-12-18T12:16:01-08:00 “I Don’t Know Why, But I’m a Very Lucky Person!” http://www.healeddna.com/healed/dna/question/a_time_for_change/ 2008 My name is Michael.  I used to work in harbor repair but that’s not why I’m here.  I want to reach people today to warn them against their own abuse of words.  I don’t mean swear words, I mean insisting that something’s got to happen even though they haven’t got a clue what should happen.

It’s easy.  Like if you talk about problems long enough, eventually they’ve got to happen.  I didn’t realize this until I died and heard myself inside repeatedly saying how sick with worry I was.  “I’m sick about it,” I had repeated over and over.  Before long - before my natural death should have happened – it came true.  I got sick and died. 

Also, stay away from words of anger or words that destroy.  Instead, tell yourself that you are lucky and blessed.  Say it often and repeat it to others: “I don’t know why, but I’m a very lucky person.”

This is a gift I wanted to share, and hope it helps you out. 

Armenian Friend

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