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HEALED - CD Guided Meditation
The Mind Series, No. 1:

Becoming one with the soul’s invitation to rise to the level of The Light is this recording’s work. This easy guided meditation is of the nature of energy, which means the feeling you come away with is an increase in the friction-free atmosphere of love! The EFFERVESCENT ENERGY touches your mind in a way that eases it into the realm of possibilities without taking it too far, too fast.

Further CDs in The Mind Series as well as The Body Series will be released in the future.
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During 2001 & 2002 SPIRIT SPEAKS open monthly meetings were centered around single, compelling topics. Attendees submitted relevant questions and Lynn Scott intuited powerful, heartfelt answers. (Today these meetings are called HEALED DNA.)

Available titles:

  • The Afterlife
  • Angels
  • Becoming The Peacemaker
  • Creation / Evolution
  • Dreams
  • Effective Parenting Through Spirit
  • God
  • Healing
  • Heartmates, Soulmates

  • The Holidays Can Heal & S.A.D.
  • Incarnations
  • Lifting Grief & Worry
  • Manifesting Your Needs
  • Mental Illness
  • Miracles
  • Money Matters
  • What Is Spirit?

Each tape is between 60 and 90 mins.
A free companion manuscript is included with the sale of each tape (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST).

$12.00 ea.
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HEALED DNA is a truly phenomenal book!
(Read excerpts from HEALED DNA)

Unfortunately it is not yet published. Become an angel of assistance and directly help us realize this dream in one of two ways:

1.  Pre-purchase a book and receive a signed, first edition copy as soon as it is published. (Approx. 300 pgs.)
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2. Donate whatever you are financially able. Please know that your contributions are truly the financial life support helping to make HEALED DNA a published reality.

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Either way you help, you are endeared to us forever. Please become a part of our dream and feel your part in making this miracle take place.

HEALED DNA - Gift Cards

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Convenient and always appreciated, HEALED DNA GIFTCARDS are available in any amount and offer a unique and personal touch. They do not decrease in value over time and are redeemable towards:

  • Companion Healings - A personal reading with Lynn Scott. (Phone appointments for out of town clients available.)
  • Master Healer of The Light - 1,2 or all 3 sessions.
  • Merchandise - CDs; tapes; the book HEALED DNA
  • Donations - Announces that a donation was made to HEALED DNA in your name.
  • Workshops & Discussion Circles - Phenomenal self growth and spiritual awakenings through powerful workshops & supportive discussion circles.

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