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Dear Friends,

Here we are near the end of the year.  How grateful I am to write that 2008 brought me the time and ability to get my book, NOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE published!  It was a labor of love, to be sure. 

As you may know, QUESTION OF THE WEEK concluded at the end of 2007 so I could work on the book.  In as much as I enjoyed working on Q of the Wk – most especially receiving your questions – my work on the book has been the most gratifying and heartfelt work I have every done. 

gabriel publishingTherefore, I hope to begin NOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE, Vol. II, very soon.  In addition, I intend to have a daily message or blog around bringing through messages from the other side offering wisdom for those of us on this side.

I hope you’ve gotten a lot from this site and its companion blog.  I thank each and every one of you for all your interest and for giving my name and site to friends and family.

Please keep in touch when you can.  I truly enjoy hearing from you.  In the meantime, remember to thank God for your life and for every precious moment that you are here to give back to mankind.

Love and be loved,
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Are you starving for love, attention or acceptance?  Do you have a hole in your heart?  Are you praying to be healed from the pains of your past but can’t quite seem to escape those ghosts?  Take heart...The Lord has been listening!

Begin today by seeing in your mind’s eye that you are riding on THE GLORY TRAIN! Look out the windows by seeing through your own eyes all that the world has to offer, knowing that below you a one way track is leading you to the promised land of peace, love and abundance.  Halleluiah!

For those who know that Jesus came to save us through his own death and resurrection, he offers a ‘cross’road to consider: Imagine that enough human beings exist on Earth right now who believe in The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, that they tip the scales towards the land of the living so their bodies can receive the Christ light of love as well as their souls!

Jesus wants to rescue and heal YOU, mind and body:
- Commit to rubbing your feet everyday. 
- Commit to looking at them with awe. 
- Massage them with love and vigor, allowing heat to build. 
- Keep up the rhythm until your feet feel almost hot. 
- Create the heat of love!
- Feel the heat of love! 
- Breathe in the heat of love!
- Become the heat of love by seeing yourself healed! 
- In your mind’s eye, see and feel yourself jumping and playing, laughing and feeling joyful…no matter what your age or physical condition.

(NOTE:  While it feels good to have others massage your feet, it does nothing for your important body-mind connection. Reach down and complete the circle!)

Become the vital force of love by believing that Christ’s light lives in you forever!  Restore your eyes!  Restore your brain!  Restore your heart and all your organs!  Christ Jesus has believed in you since the day that you were born.  Now believe in your healed and resurrected body through Jesus Christ, for he is THE GLORY TRAIN!

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Draw closer to God and he will draw closer to you!

Love and be loved,
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There comes a time in everyone’s life when the reason why they were born is revealed.  It is a moment of glory! 

The best and brightest people you know may have all that life seems to offer yet hold a secret deep inside wishing to be of value to others in ways unrecognized.  This longing, deep inside, is transparent to Jesus who knows and feels the heart and soul of every individual.  But before Jesus takes that individual’s mind and relates to them His needs, He takes their mind and secures it to their heart, for in this way – and only in this way – will Jesus be heard.

Enveloping all those who have had their hearts set on working for the betterment of mankind is upon Earth now!  While millions have felt the seasons of upheavals under their feet through the undertow of crises, millions more have begun the realization that those crises set free from deep within them their calling: Heal others through love.  Heal yourself through that love!

The bridge to Heaven is below your feet.  It secures both your mind and your body to be EXACTLY in the right place at EXACTLY the right time to meet EXACTLY those people who will assist you in everyway and measure possible to fulfill your covenant with Jesus to free others from their pain and loneliness. 

Instead of becoming a priest or minister, millions have opted to ask Jesus in what way He would wish millions to turn to him.  Having felt the stirrings in their hearts, common citizens worldwide - united in their belief that children are Earth’s greatest blessings - are creating an Earth of peace and brotherhood; a world safe for children of all colors, nationalities and religions.

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Citizens of the Earth are God’s special children.  They are the Creator’s greatest creations.  Speeding into every man and woman’s heart who holds dear the life of the lamb is Jesus.  Holding tight to them - as a shepherd protecting his flock – Jesus oversees each and every boy, girl, man and woman who offers their heart and soul to Earth.  Committed to the idea that if a man or woman is seized by hatred or fear, shields of Jesus’ love shall encompass their mind through other’s good works and love.

Come now and believe in the miracle that has been brought before you!  For you are a ghost of the lamb of Jesus Christ who came to save you from the slaughter of disease, death and dying.  Believe that as you ask for Jesus’ help to serve others, Jesus saves you! 

Love and be loved,
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Brave are those of you who have come thus far asking what more can I do each day to make this Earth a better place, because it has been in YOU that God has placed much trust.  For even as you have taken the vow of working to better mankind, many of you have had ordeals within your own lives. 

But following you is a trail of golden-white lights!  And in front of you glows your heart filled with the KNOWING that God wills you into his arms without doubt or fear.  Incredible is your trust in God, and so it is with God at your side that you shall be entrusted with the work of angels!

The fellowship of mankind is coming back over Earth in its deliberate plan to place those who believe in The Spirit of Love at the center of multi-billion dollar organizations.  Forming unions of love, these new builders of wealth will help to drive out old needs, wants and desires to corrupt and rule through guilt, greed and fear.  And those who deny Christ’s challenge to beat poverty back shall be swallowed whole and lifted free by Jesus. 

Instructions for your birth came from God.  Instructions for your re-birth have come from Jesus!  From his vantage point the Earth has sent forward those most brave to do his work…to work wonders with those who feel lost and dispirited.  Contractual agreements between Heaven and Earth have been fulfilled now to karmically tie together those souls who know not of sanctuary in God with those who know of Jesus, for in those ties the miracles unfold!

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Even though you can’t see him, God is there!

Please place a wreath above your heads, for as you wear love on your sleeve so too Jesus walks with you and strengthens your bones each day.  For in the coming months mankind will walk with a new life and new outlook.  There will be a lifting of all those who make Jesus their chosen God and the funnel of work will be done.

Sometimes when you pray you lift your heads up high.  Sometimes when you pray you lift your eyes.  Begin to pray with your eyes on your feet and remember how often Jesus prayed as he washed the feet of those who needed him most.  Feel the soles of your feet as your gifts from God, for as you feel the Earth under your feet so too shall you feel the power of The Lord Jesus Christ coming up your spine to entrust you with his plan of Earth’s future.  The unfolding is available for those who listen.  Are you listening?  (Hint: He speaks only through the heart!)

Love and be loved,
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The Magic Kingdom

Imagine watching Walt Disney as he completes his earliest sketches of Mickey Mouse! How exciting would THAT be (knowing what you know today)?

Let’s look in…

In the beginning all that you see on Walt’s sketching pad is a simple, two dimensional mouse - without personality or movement. None-the-less, as Walt ‘draws’ from his imagination his eyes sparkle; as he ‘pictures’ something of delight a familiar bell of love rings!

What is it that Walt sees that makes his eyes brighten? Is it that his drawings are taking more and more form with less and less ambiguity about them? Is it the memory of a beloved mouse (that once ran through the Disney home) finally being brought back to life? Whatever it is, what’s important is that it inspires Walt to put pencil to paper!
But even as the mouse takes on more shape and form it is still without ideas or perceptions of its own and relies completely upon the mind of Walt to move its arm up or down, turn its head left or right, or give it a personality and glow.

As time passes you notice that the more attention Walt pours into this mouse the more it becomes a loving, playful expression of Walt! Eventually you see how he pours SO much time and attention into the mouse that it takes on a life and personality all its own. Behold: Mickey Mouse!

Imagine now that the more Mickey quickens the heart of Walt, the more Walt’s wife and family come to his mind leading the way for his brain to perceive a female mouse! Calling her Minnie, Walt uses the same broad template of Mickey but lovingly adjusts her here and there for a more feminine look.

After he completes Minnie’s shape and form Walt scratches his head. He wonders what Minnie & Mickey’s lives might include. As he contemplates their future, he concentrates and focuses all of his attention upon them. With joy, Walt pours even more and more love into their forms!

Then suddenly - incredibly - the kingdom of magic opens up! Walt’s love fully awakens their minds and they escape the flat paper upon which they were created! Both Mickey and Minnie now have personalities guiding Walt with ideas far beyond his original reach!

Surprised and deeply inspired, Walt draws faster and better! Hours turn to days and months into years, but to see it happening it feels like seconds! It’s as if someone were rapidly turning pages in a book!

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From this vantage point you can see how Walt Disney is like a God to millions of children who know only of God as a source of love! (For is it not true that Walt created something new and wonderful for millions to love and imagine as real?)

But Walt Disney was humble. He was a gentle soul with no such pretense about himself. To the contrary, he gave honor to the humble mouse that inspired him to go to the drawing table!

• So, was it the Walt who brought Mickey & Minnie into being? Or was the mouse the instrument that guided Walt into becoming a creative genius? Either way, they are each an expression of the same love!

• Is Jesus the image of God inside The Mind of Love? Or is God the imagination inside of Jesus? Each is brought into the other to become the other and fulfill the requirement of Heaven on Earth. Each is an expression of the same love!

The bridge is ‘drawn’!

In feeling Jesus as the embodiment of love, God projected the spirit of Jesus’ as HEALED - for God felt Jesus’ love for all mankind, person-by-person. And from the flowering picture of mankind receiving Jesus’ love, the soul of Jesus was at last awakened on Earth and rebirthed in physical form for all to see.

Opening the door to wisdom, Jesus came to Earth as a potter comes to a potter’s wheel. But the pot that Jesus threw (the Earth that Jesus created) is open to interpretation - for if you were to see the pot from above, you might declare it a simple circle with a dark round center. If observed from below, you would see a flat disc. But if observed from the front, sides, center, top AND bottom - the image becomes whole and the pot is round!

gabriel publishingString theory!

But what is it that allows your mind to connect the various slices and then view them as ONE? What is it that lifts the many flat, two dimensional images into the compounding 3rd dimension? The karmic cords of HEALED!

Because of The Christ Consciousness you have a brain that wants to perceive the images of all things relative to your experiences; ergo you see a round pot! And because of God’s love pouring over you, your brain wants to teach you to pursue all things related to YOUR betterment.

This is Science of the Divine. It is the Soul of Jesus. Be HEALED! Believe in his love!

Love and be loved,
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